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susan-nickols-pink.jpgEffects of cancer treatments lead entrepreneur to create a new line of natural, anti-aging skin-care products

When the market didn’t provide what she needed, Susan Nickell responded in true entrepreneurial fashion and made the products herself.

Nickell 66, had more than aging to contend with when, soon after turning 60, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lymphoma in the lining of her stomach.

Unfortunately the cancer treatments dulled her skin considerably and after trying several products to restore it, Nickell spoke with a naturopath and learned she could no longer use chemically based products.

Through development of her own line, Nickell hopes to help others improve their skin in the same dramatic manner she has experienced. “I felt like you had to be a scientist to understand skin care,” she said. “I wanted a line that was easy to use, so anyone could use it.”

Nothing was spared in Sevique development - including utilization of a top chemist behind a few of the best-known lines of luxury skin creams - and Nickell is marketing it to beauty salons and spas because she feels though not every woman regularly sees a dermatologist, it’s a good bet most will spend time taking advantage of beauty services.

Providing samples will be a huge part of marketing, and she believes using the Sevique product is all that’s needed to gain new customers, “I see my role as saying, ‘I spent two and a half years figuring this out,’ if you try it, you’ll buy it."