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Anti-Aging Eye Serum 0.5 oz

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Product Description

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This concentrated eye serum hydrates and soothes the delicate eye area to protect against and repair signs of premature aging. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is dramatically diminished, under eye circles and puffiness fade. Skin’s clarity and brightness are brilliantly restored.


  • Encourages a firmer, more lifted look in the eye area.
  • Re-energizes skin and restores brightness and elasticity.
  • Soothes irritation, dark circles and puffiness.
  • Intensely softens, conditions and hydrates skin.

Key Ingredients:

A plant-based compound that protects and moisturizes skin. Also a keratolytic that causes keratin (which makes up our skin) to soften. Helps skin bind moisture and heal more quickly making it effective for treating dry skin, healing wounds, burns, and scars. Also effective against sunburn, skin irritations and chapped skin. Useful in the treatment of acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Blueberry Extract
Known to have one of the highest anti-inflammatory and antioxidant levels.  

Support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and form an effective barrier against moisture loss. These human-skin-identical molecules are particularly suitable for long-term protection and repair of sensitive or dry skin and are also considered skin brighteners that clarify and even skin tone.

Cranberry Extract
High concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins C, B-3, and B-5, which helps cell turnover and defends against environmental damage.

Gogi Berry Extract
A berry that is very rich in amino acids, (peptides), which helps fill fine lines; smoothes skin and improves tone and color. Also contains polysaccharides, which are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to hydrate and retain water. Helping aging-skin retain its elasticity, repair and renew.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
A naturally derived protein that delivers hydration and creates a natural protective layer.  Also has been shown to reduce pore size significantly. This allows for a smoother, softer and more even skin tone and texture.

A form of vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid is important in the communication of cell and has shown to help increase levels of ceramides in the skin. Helps improve elasticity, barrier function, discoloration, tone and texture. Excellent for the treatment of aging skin, acne, hyper pigmentation and age spots.

Enzymes that act as catalysts to help antioxidant activity.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
A blend of palmitic acid with several amino acids. Peptides have been shown to aid in skin repair and cell renewal. Palmotoyl oligopeptide helps restore skin tissue, increase collagen, and elastin. Creating a smoother and even skin tone and to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinyl Palmitate
Part of an innovative delivery system for retinol, (pure vitamin A), which is still considered the most effective anti-aging tool in skincare today. It is combined with palmitic acid (fatty acid), allowing the retinol to be absorbed in the deepest layers of skin, so its healing properties work from the outside out, preventing against unwanted side reactions, such as flash burn, usually associated with retinol delivery.
Sea Buckthorn Berry
Contains a variety of essential fatty acids that help keep cells healthy and their membranes functioning. Also contains antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E, which protect cells by neutralizing external forces and free radicals such as sun damage, pollution, wind and temperature. It also contains palmitoletic acid, which is present in human skin and is shown to help in the healing of burns, wounds, and skin infections. It is used to moisturize, ease inflammation, treat acne, heal aging-related damage, and has a natural UV-blocking property.

Oil that is derived from olives and is a natural component of our skin. It is an excellent emollient and has antioxidant properties. As we age our natural squalene diminishes and our skin becomes dehydrated, sensitive and ages. Squalene oil puts moisture and nutrients back into our skin and helps hydrate, strengthen, protect and calm problematic skin conditions such as scars, eczema, and psoriasis.

Sunflower Oil
An excellent source of antioxidants can help prevent premature aging of the skin and helps to fight of free radicals that damage our skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
One of the most powerful antioxidants making it an excellent neutralizer of free radicals that helps against the effect of the environment and combats aging skin.

Vitamin K
A powerful vitamin that has been shown to enhance the capillaries and increases blood flow to the skin, helping with elasticity and aging of the skin while decreasing dark circles and spots. This soothing natural hydrator is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and exfoliants.

To Use
Apply a small amount to eyelid and under eye area using the ring finger.

“The beauty of Sevique is the way the product line works together.  My sensitive baby boomer skin adores the scrub, cleanser, toner, both moisturizers, face and neck serum...plus the eye cream.  They’re a lovely marriage of soothing, effective skin maintenance.  My time is very ‘special’ with Sevique.  There just couldn’t be any other!”—J.Ludwig


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Product Reviews

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    Posted by sunny1smiles

    I just have to say this is THE best eye serum I've ever used and believe me I've tried a number. I couldn't believe that in a matter of only a few days the fine lines around my eyes were notable less notable ... I also just got a couple of Collection Essentials kits for gifting...love love loving these products

  2. Love this product

    Posted by Nan

    In years past I have been pretty lazy about using eye serum. My daughter has been encouraging me so I gave this a try. I can hardly believe the difference. I have also been using it around my lips also and the fine lines are much improved. I won't be without it now.

  3. Love the anti aging serum

    Posted by Nancy

    Love everything about it and highly recommend to anyone. My 72 year old skin has never looked better.

  4. The only product that has ever worked

    Posted by SuzyQ

    I have in the last 2 years tried atleast 20 different eye serums. Hydralize claims incredible improvement in no time flat, I used it faithfully twice a day for 30 days...nothing! I used Pericone for two and a half weeks until my skin was chapped and trying to put on any more serum burned, I had great faith in their claims and his reputatioln, I'm sure it works for some but definately not me. When I tried this product my first thought was it is so gentle how could it work? With in days I noticed a softeness around my eyes, with in a couple weeks my boyfriend commented that I was nuts if I thought I needed my eyes done, I've been using this serum for several months and it just keeps getting better, with NO irritation. Love It!

  5. I Would Recommend This Product for Anybody Out There

    Posted by Unknown

    After using this serum for about a month I began to see a remarkable difference in the skin surrounding my eyes. Right away some of my fine lines were beginning to seem less noticeable. Soon after it seemed I started to see new results every day, gradually getting better as the days went on. More lines receded, and I saw a reduction of puffiness, even around my troubling upper eyelids. I liked the fragrance, liked the texture, this is a great product and I would recommend for anybody out there to give it a try.

  6. This is a Great Product

    Posted by beautyguru1

    This is another one of those products that I doubted and was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

    Just a little bit around each eye does wonders! This is a great product!

  7. Very clean, not greasy...

    Posted by BlondNvvy

    I loved the fragrance of this product. It had a nice texture, as well. Very clean, not greasy, and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

    Within a few days to a couple of weeks I saw a good deal of change. Wrinkles were softer, lines had diminished and my skin around my eyes was feeling soft and smooth.

  8. This Product Opened my Eyes

    Posted by Kari695_

    Right off the bat I liked this serum. To start with, it was very soothing, and didn’t burn the eyes. Just a minimal amount was very moisturizing and it felt gentle on my skin. Within days I started to see some lines and wrinkles vanish, and within a week, the dark circles were receding too. This product literally opened my eyes, it may just do the same for you.

  9. Saw Immediate Results

    Posted by Trishr

    I almost saw immediate results with this product. After two weeks of using this eye serum I saw some dramatic change around my eyes. For starters, it took away some skin tabs that had been bothering me for some time. Along with that, I’ve noticed a bothersome mole is starting to go away, it’s half the size that it was before, and a line of stubborn whiteheads that have been hiding under my eyelashes for years are now finally gone.

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