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Pure Silk Moisturizer 1.7. oz

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Product Description

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This potent anti-aging hydrator contains highly effective hydroxyl acids that have been shown to promote smoother, younger-looking skin. It creates the optimal environment for skin to renew itself by fortifying the moisture barrier so skin looks smoother, firmer, resiliently youthful.


  • Helps restore skin firmness.
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Nourishes and protects skin with antioxidant extracts and botanical extracts.
  • Ideal anti-aging treatment for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea Extract)
Rich source of Vitamins B and C with high concentrations of polyphenols (antioxidants) and is a strong anti-inflammatory. Contains caffeine, which is easily absorbed into the skin and can help reduce the redness of rosacea, sunburn and irritation, as well as reduce under-eye puffiness. Also has a sun-protecting ingredient, helping prevent breakdown of collagen and reducing skin’s UV damage. In fact, green tea has been shown to enhance and work synergistically with other UV absorbing ingredients.

Carthamus Tinctorius (ORGANIC Safflower)
Contains linoleic acid, which is a beneficial fatty acid and acts as a protective moisture barrier to prevent water loss. Also helps to soften, smooth and soothe many problematic skin conditions.

Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil
Oil that moisturizes, is extremely stable and stays on the skin forming a moisture barrier that helps prevent moisture loss. Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, is non-greasy, penetrates easily, and provides ultra-violet protection.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba)
Used for centuries because it is an excellent emollient with impressive moisturizing ability. Rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, which help, retain elasticity in mature skin. Although an oil it is rapidly absorbed into the skin, allowing pores to remain open and produce less oil, so it is perfect for acne and skin irritations.

Oil that is derived from olives and is a natural component of our skin. It is an excellent emollient and has antioxidant properties. As we age our natural squalene diminishes and our skin becomes dehydrated, sensitive and ages. Squalene oil puts moisture and nutrients back into our skin helping hydrate, strengthen, protect and calm problematic skin conditions. Excellent for the treatment of scars, eczema, and psoriasis.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
One of the most powerful antioxidants. Makes it an excellent neutralizer of free radicals that help against the effect of the environment and combats aging skin. This concentrated eye serum hydrates and soothes the delicate eye area to protect against and repair signs of premature aging.

To Use
Apply a small amount to face, neck and décolleté morning and evening.  Avoid eye area.

“The beauty of Sevique is the way the product line works together.  My sensitive baby boomer skin adores the scrub, cleanser, toner, both moisturizers, face and neck serum...plus the eye cream.  They’re a lovely marriage of soothing, effective skin maintenance.  My time is very ‘special’ with Sevique.  There just couldn’t be any other!”—J.Ludwig


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Product Reviews

  1. my face never feels oily using this creme!

    Posted by Healthy Life toolkit.com

    For nighttime I use the Pure Silk Moisturizer. This is a potent anti-aging hydrator containing hydroxyl acids. Found naturally in fruit skins (but they also can be synthesized), these acids help remove surface dead skin cells for younger-looking skin. Chock full of a variety of rich oils like squalene, jojoba, safflower, and meadowfoam, this creme allows me to awaken every day with glowing, soft skin. What amazes me is that my face never feels oily using this creme!

  2. Great moisturizer

    Posted by sillysally787

    I have a hard time keeping the moisture in my skin during certain times of the year but this is the perfect amount of moisture yet light enough so I don't feel greasy. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who uses moisturizer it's the best I've found!

  3. Name says it all

    Posted by Unknown

    I have older skin and thought that to get moisture I needed a heavy cream which would wind up on my pillow and sometimes in my hair at night. When I first put this on my initial reactionl is that it is SILKY. I wondered if it would do the job. After a couple of weeks I've got to say my skin looks better and my pores are smaller,I think the heavier cream was clogging my pores, I don't look like I have little dots all over the end of my nose and on my forhead, my skin's looking great and I don't feel like an old lady when I go to bed!!!

  4. The Name Says it All!

    Posted by Unknown

    As the name implies - makes your skin feel soft and silky! this is my new moisturizer! All of the products really do nurture and moisturize your skin. Use these products and you will really love the improvement you see and feel in your skin.

  5. Goes on very smooth, non-greasy

    Posted by elliottb58

    I haven’t really used moisturizers much previously, this one was creamy and went on very smooth, non-greasy. I liked it, though I didn’t use it as much as some of the other products I received in the Sevique sampler. It was soft, I liked the texture and I didn’t notice that it had any odor.

  6. Try the SPF moisturizer instead

    Posted by Kath_E

    When I used it, it seemed clean and smooth, but I really saw no difference in my skin. It had a good texture and fragrance, but in the end it was just not enough. It needs more moisturizer. I consider this moisturizer to be poor to average and would suggest you try the SPF 35 instead.

  7. You should try this product

    Posted by Unknown

    I just tried the “Pure Silk” skin cream by Sevique and I loved it. To start with the makeup application is just fabulous, and the cream has great staying power, you put it on in the morning, and at night it feels like you just applied. I usually only use powders, but I prefer the “Pure Silk”. It’s very smooth, very cool, Very Good, and it begins to work within seven days, leaving your skin feeling unirritated, comfortable….almost young. You should try this product, I will be using it again.

  8. Right up there with the Best!!

    Posted by marilouwhoo

    I consider this moisturizer right up there with the best. I liked it, I loved the fragrance and the light texture felt smooth on my face. It made my skin feel great in just a couple of days. Yes, I would buy this product again.

  9. I Began To See Results Immediately!

    Posted by Unknown

    I would absolutely recommend the SEVIQUE, PURE SILK moisturizer. I was using it as part of the sample package and I liked it very much. The first thing I noticed was that the pump gave me lots of control, and that was good because you only need a little, and I begin to see results immediately. It made my skin feel moist, beyond other moisturizers, and was better then medicated creams. Best of all, it is good for use any time of day, and when I used it at night, I woke up with less wrinkles.

  10. My Favorite Product

    Posted by H-Mom

    This is my favorite product in the line. I have been testing the Sevique skin care products for a short time now, and I liked the ‘Pure Silk’ moisturizer very much. It was light, not as thick, much more liquid, and felt healthy on my skin. I saw a definite improvement in my skin and it only took a week or so. I love this product.