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The Purity of Nature. The Power of Science.

science-photo.jpgSkin is a conundrum, both remarkably fragile and extremely powerful in its ability to heal itself. Consider the onslaught of aggressors skin is exposed to on a daily basis, all of which are remarkably detrimental to the complexion: toxic pollutants, harsh chemicals, relentless UV rays, chronic stress and questionable eating habits. Skin reacts badly in any number of ways, becoming irritable, dull, clogged, prematurely wrinkled, prone to breakouts or itchy and flaky.

To restore damaged skin’s natural balance, Sevique formulas combine the most potent natural actives with highly effective delivery systems to nurture, hydrate and revitalize skin. Circulation is boosted so skin receives more oxygen and reparative nutrients, cell turnover is optimized to diminish dullness and even tone and collagen and elastin production is boosted to fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Regular use of a morning and evening regimen ritual along with a nutrient-rich diet and adequate hydration will deliver remarkable results in a short amount of time, resulting in smooth, luminous glowing skin and a brilliant new youthfulness.

Seabuckthorn Berry: A potent all-natural antioxidant with high levels of vitamins A and E and a rare omega 7 that destroys harmful free radicals.

Squalene: A powerful all-natural hydrator that prevents dryness and markedly improves skin tone and texture.

Goji Berry: One of the most potent natural anti-oxidants that helps fight free radical damage to skin

Beeswax: Delivers strong healing powers, locks in moisture and nurtures and protects skin and cells.

Ceramide 3: An all-natural hydrator that improves long-term moisturization and protects the skin against external aggressors.

Retinol: This nurturing vitamin A derivative dramatically improves skin’s elasticity and tone and prevents signs of premature aging.

Matrixyl: An anti-wrinkle powerhouse and healing hydrator that helps stimulate the production of youth proteins like collagen and elastin.

Regu-Age: An all-natural botanical complex that reduces the presence of free radicals, delays signs of premature aging and dramatically diminishes dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.